Food&Wine Magazine: America’s Best Apple Pies
“Sourced from Central Valley, California, farmers, the mix of apples in this beautiful pie changes through the season, starting with orange-red Gravensteins and finishing the year with Pink Pearls. Best friends and owners Anna Derivi-Castellanos and Lenore Estrada stick to all-butter for their delicious, well-browned crust. They also leave the skin on the fruit so the filling takes on a beautiful rosy color.”

Fast Company: What You Need to Know Before Going Into Business with Your Best Friend
“It’s the stuff that childhood fantasies are made of. Friends since they were 9 years old, Lenore Estrada and Anna Derivi-Castellanos spent their grade school days together, baking pies and daydreaming about co-owning a business. Two decades later, their pie business is fast becoming a San Francisco success story.”

Saveur Magazine: The Saveur 100 – 2014’s Best Restaurants, Food, Drinks, and More
“It’s the new year again, so it’s time to take stock—to survey the magnificent universe of food and to highlight the 100 most mind-bending, eye-opening, and palate-awakening dishes, drinks, ingredients, people, places, publications, and tools we can find… For our money, the best innovation in American baked goods since sliced bread might be mail-order pie: great regional wonders delivered directly to your doorstep…the Bay Area’s Three Babes Bakeshop (415/617-9774; offers a salty honey walnut pie, an elegant spin on a traditional nut pie…”

The Cooking Channel: Unique Sweets
“Three Babes Pies are based on what’s seasonal, so whatever’s in season is what’s on the menu! If you’re in the Mission you HAVE to get a Three Babes Pie. The Salty Honey Walnut is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. Nothing.”

7×7: The Bay Area’s 7 Best Pies:
“Anna Derivi-Castellanos and Lenore Estrada of Three Babes Bakeshop’s Classic Apple features a rotating roster of just-right organic apples that they source from Central Valley farms (including Granny Smiths, Pippins, Gravensteins, and Pink Pearls, depending on the season) and an all-butter lattice crust that won’t quit. Also, they gave us the recipe.”

The Today Show: Twice!
Made in the USA: Tips for finding certified American products
Tasty Treats! American-made, mail-order food gifts
“Friends since third grade, the two (yes, it’s really just two) babes behind this California pie business have been baking together for 15 years…Try their bourbon pecan or honey walnut pies with classic crusts or try their bittersweet chocolate pecan pie with a homemade gluten-free graham cracker crust.”

Serious Eats: The Best Sweets We Ate This Year
Three Babes pies have become my favorite sweets in the city. The best of the embarrassingly long list of pies I’ve ordered in 2013? A tangy rhubarb-peach pie topped with buttery, caramelly crumble. I can’t wait until these fruits are in season again so I can have another.”

 The Splendid Table: Give the Gift of Pie
The walnuts are from Old Dog Ranch, [owned by the father of the girls’ best friend from childhood]. It’s an incredibly delicious pie with honey, scraped vanilla beans and fleur de sel. It’s very elegant and very on-trend — it is the best thing. Because it’s a walnut pie, it travels very well and it keeps very well.

Rockyt: How to Shop for Vegans in a City Obsessed with Bacon
“It’s an indisputable fact that pie is a delicious treat, and a vegan pie makes an especially great hostess gift. (Or just a great gift in general. Who’s gonna be mad at pie?) Three Babes offers an assortment of vegan, gluten-free pie each week, some orders can be ready in as little as two hours, and delivery is available within San Francisco. They even offer a pie subscription service.”

Eater: 18 Excellent Holiday Pies in San Francisco and the East Bay
“Look no further for divine apple pie than Three Babe’s Bakeshop which serves up its classic recipe with sweet, thinly sliced apples dusted in cinnamon sugar and baked beneath a latticework of crisp golden-brown crust.”

Pacific Community Ventures: Inspiring Entrepreneurs
Lenore and Anna say that their common goal of creating a better world has been extremely motivating when times were tough. They both feel a tremendous amount of pride and purpose in carrying their parents’ work forward. One way they make a positive difference is by sourcing only organically and sustainably grown ingredients, and by using their brand as a platform to discuss the issues at play in today’s food economy such as water, pesticides and labor issues associated with farm work. Their own experience, growing up in a working class farming community, watching so many people they know struggle with health problems related to the environment, and seeing the effects of growing unemployment, helps to motivate them.

Huffington Post UK: The Top 10 American Startups to Watch in 2014: 
“The household internet names like Google, Facebook and Twitter weren’t born with silver spoons in their catered lunch lines. In fact, each one of them was a tiny, budding startup at one wobbly point. The path to glory wasn’t entirely clear, but the long nights spent grinding were enjoyable — and eventually lucrative. So which American startups might be in that same rocky, yet promising boat today? This is not to say these CEOs are guaranteed to be sipping boat drinks with Barack Obama one day, but they are worth keeping an eye on over the next 12 months…”

SF Weekly: The Best Pie in SF (2012)
“1. Three Babes Bakeshop – When we say these Babes make the most perfect pie in the city (possibly the world), we are not exaggerating. Their signature Salty Honey Walnut is so flavorful, so unique, and so mouth-wateringly delicious, it is worth every penny of the five dollars they charge for one locally sourced, organic slice. Boozers rejoice too, for they also make a Bourbon Custard, in amongst their other unxyz (like Blood Orange Buttermilk and Pumpkin Cranberry Crumble). Get there early – popular flavors sell out fast and for good reason. You’ve never tasted anything like this before.” Please note we are now at 2501 Phelps Street (not on Folsom Street anymore!)

The Huffington Post: Pi Day San Francisco-The Best Spots In Town For A Slice
“Home to quite possibly the world’s most perfect pies, Three Babes Bakeshop busts out some classics and some not-so-classics like salty honey walnut, vanilla sugar buttermilk and brown sugar pear custard.”

Go Girl Finance: Three Babes Bakeshop Talks to GGF
“We wanted to create something of our own, and decided to start a business with a socially positive function. Our families are from Stockton–one of the hardest hit cities of the Great Recession–which is located in California’s Central Valley. Both of us grew up there and have been baking together since we were teenagers. Both of us have strong ties to baking. We chose pie for its versatility–the filling changes with the seasons, and gives us a chance to highlight our home region’s delicious produce! We’re able to bring more awareness to the economic, social, and environmental issues at play in the Central Valley today, and to help people realize how much power they can exercise by making thoughtful purchasing decisions.

Esquire: The Endorsement – A Holiday Pie to Buy
“Allow me to recommend San Francisco-based Three Babes Bakeshop. Their pie crusts are insanely crisp and flaky, their fillings rich and moist. These pies are simply better than anything you’re going to bake yourself, even if you could be convinced to use a stand-mixer and follow a recipe for once in your life.”

Bon Appetit: A Mail Order Thanksgiving
“Maybe once in your lifetime, you’ll have a pie that’s so good it makes you realize that what you’ve been calling “pie” has been but a shoddy approximation. San Francisco’s Three Babes bakes that pie. For Thanksgiving, order the brown butter-pecan, fudgy, cinnamon-scented chocolate-pecan (in a gluten-free graham crust), or baklava-like honey-walnut. Organic local ingredients are baked in all-butter crusts, and even after the trip through the mail, they arrive shatteringly crisp.”

Food+Wine Magazine: America’s Best Pie Spots
“Three Babes Bakeshop offers fun, portable pie: They bake the pastry in a jar, then fill it with ingredients like fig-and-pear syrup, mascarpone cream, fruit and toasted walnuts.”

Food+Wine Magazine: The Best Pies of the Holiday Season
“In the never-ending cycle of boom-and-bust trendiness that moves cupcakes and doughnuts from hot to not to hot again, there is one constant: pie. We scoured the country to find the very best and found spectacular new pie recipes, ranging from a purist’s double-crusted apple pie to [Three Babes Bakeshop’s] creative Mission-fig-and-mascarpone version served in a jar.”

7×7: Secret Recipe – Three Babes Bakeshop’s Classic Apple Pie
Three Babes Bakeshop makes a mean Classic Apple—the stuff of Thanksgiving dreams—with crisp, organic seasonal apples (Granny Smiths, Pippins, Gravensteins, or Pink Pearls) and a flaky, flavorful all-butter crust.”

Jezebel: In Time for Thanksgiving, A Pie You Can Buy:
“Since their first major press accolade, Bon AppetitCooking Channel, and countless other outlets have praised the Babes for their commitment to sourcing the best ingredients from small, local vendors (they’re on a first name basis with their farmers); their signature sass (in their own words, “the Babeliness waxes and wanes depending on how well we can resist the pies…”); and their vast, seasonally rotating menu (think Cherry Rhubarb in the summer, Eggnog Custard in the winter). And although the Three Babes in truth number only two — childhood friends Anna and Lenore — they do the work of a small culinary army, concepting, sourcing, and baking the pies themselves.

Rue Magazine
“Perhaps most importantly, the Babes believe passionately in the ability of food to create positive change in the community. They’re not just purveyors of pie, they’re dealers of decency, merchants of mirth, vendors of virtue. Thought they might sell out of Chocolate Banana cream today, they’ll bake more tomorrow, and as for their signature smiles and sass? There’s always enough of those to go around.”

Refinery 29: Best Bakers in San Francisco
“Since we just so happen to be in full-swing holiday mode, why not pay homage to our favorite sweet and savory dishes and the peeps behind them? That Salty Honey Walnut pie didn’t bake itself, you know!”

7×7: We Brake for Pie – 12 Spots to Grab a Sweet Slice in California
Three Babes pies are a bit harder to come by in a pit stop kind of way, but if you are in SF on a Saturday, definitely hit them up at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. You won’t be disappointed by these always organic, well-crafted beauties, be they the lifelong friends who comprise the three babes or their tasty pies alike. Go for the Salty Honey Walnut or a square of Blueberry Slab. Three Babes also ships nationwide and offers a weekly pie subscription. // 8am to 2pm Saturdays; 1 Ferry Building (Embarcadero),

The San Francisco Chronicle: Baking Up a Business
“Four days after Lenore Estrada and Anna Derivi-Castellanos opened Three Babes Bakeshop in 2011, business blew up – in a good way. DailyCandy, an e-mail newsletter, caught wind early of their pie-making enterprise, published a blurb and the two women couldn’t bake fast enough. Soon they were getting calls from food magazines and the “Today” show. And when Food & Wine said their pies were among the best in America, the two entrepreneurs, friends since high school, felt they’d become an overnight sensation.”

The Huffington Post: Chef Speak
“On a recent trip up North, we skipped the lines at the Wise Sons pop-up and went straight for Three Babes Bakeshop, a pie pop-up in the courtyard of the Stable Cafe on Folsom. Since opening in June of this year, co-owners and bakers Katrina Svoboda, Anna Derivi-Castellanos and Lenore Estrada have struggled to keep up with demand for their lovingly made homemade pies, the flavors of which change weekly. With a commitment to locally sourced and organic ingredients, flavors range from Dapple Dandy Pluot with White Raspberries to Salty Honey Walnut. ”

Bay Area Bites
“With their pies, they’re paying homage to the seasons, to their families and where they came from, and to the one dessert that truly nourishes in a way that others just can’t. What really struck me was the variety of pies and the fact that, with a few exceptions, they’re all new flavors each week. This takes a great deal of planning, creativity, and innovation. When you’re in the midst of building a business from the ground up, this isn’t easy…”

The Bold Italic
“I save a corner of each slice (so as not to appear like a complete glutton) – except for the salty honey walnut. This Southern specialty has a custard-like consistency but still retains a bit of crunch from the organic walnuts. Maybe it was the fact that I coaxed those nuts out of the shells myself, or perhaps it was the complex combination of savory and sweet, but that slice disappeared before I knew what happened. It was truly out of this world – worthy of calling home to mom.”

Serious Eats: Our 10 Favorite Pies in San Francisco
“It was love at first sight for me—the apple lattice pie ($36) from the Three Babes Bakeshop was just such a beautiful, perfect construction of pastry. It was what the pie of my dreams looked like. I almost couldn’t believe that it would possibly taste as good as it looked. Thankfully, I was wrong. The crust, so lovely to look at, tasted as good as its golden-brown flakes promised And the filling, chock-full of juicy, fresh apples, had a wonderfully intense cinnamon flavor—it tasted the way cinnamon sticks smell. This was the pie I just couldn’t stop eating, breaking off hunks of apple-cinnamon coated crust, telling myself that really, this was the last one.”

Serious Eats: Pie Making Tips From Three Babes Bakeshop
Three Babes Bakeshop in San Francisco is actually run by two babes: Lenore Estrada and Anna Derivi-Castellanos. Both hail from California’s Central Valley, where growing up around a bounty of produce inspired them to put a premium on quality ingredients and sustainable farming. When the ladies took up baking, they did so with an eye towards giving back to the area they grew up in. They try to fill their pies with sustainably farmed fruits and source as many of their ingredients as possible from farmers in the Stockton area. But their social mission isn’t the only reason we’re smitten with the Babes—they make some of our favorite pie in San Francisco. They have a weekly changing roster of offerings, which may include flavors like Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Pear Blackberry Crumble, and Bittersweet Chocolate Pecan. Not in San Francisco? No worries. The Babes have stopped by to share some baking tips so that your Thanksgiving pie will be as awesome as the professionals’.”

NPR: Real Butterscotch – The Beauty of Sugar and Dairy Transformed
“Three Babes Bakeshop makes some amazing pies with local California produce. But when the staff are waiting on the harvest, they turn toward pantry favorites such as butterscotch. Anna Derivi-Castellanos, one of the “babes,” came up with this recipe in honor of fellow babe Lenore Estrada’s late mother, who loved butterscotch candy. Between the flaky crust, creamy filling and crunchy toppings, this pie is pure comfort.”

7×7: Three Babes Bakeshop Shares Their Pie-making Tips
“There’s no season like stone fruit season to try your hand at pie making—and who better to get a few tips from than the lovely ladies of Three Babes Bakeshop? For the past few years, Lenore Estrada and Anna Derivi-Castellanos have been crafting some mouthwatering pie combinations including Donut peach and strawberry, salty honey-walnut, and peach-tayberry. The babes stopped by the market recently to give us a few tips on perfecting our pie-making skills and talk about some of their favorite summer fruits to use in baking…”

7×7: Learn to Make a Pie with Three Babes Bakeshop
“Lenore Estrada and Anna Derivi-Castellanos are both bona fide pie junkies. The two friends, who met in the third grade while growing up in the Central Valley, started baking pies together in high school. Their shared love of pie inspired them to launch Three Babes Bakeshop last year. Dessert has always been in both women’s blood. Anna’s great-grandfather came to America from Italy as a pastry chef on J.P. Morgan’s yacht, and later worked at the Waldorf Astoria. Lenore credits her paternal grandmother, who was famous for her desserts in the migrant farming community she grew up in, with teaching her how to bake and appreciate seasonality.”

Brit+Co: Fresh from the oven to your door, 15 amazing online pie companies
“Sink your fork into an amazing, all-organic, seasonal pie like Pumpkin or Salty Honey Walnut. No matter what your flavor is, the babes encourage you to grab a pie and share it with those you love.”

San Francisco Chronicle: Pi Day a Bakery Bonanza

7×7 Magazine: Secret Recipes from Acclaimed Bay Area Chefs – #1, Pumpkin Pie from Three Babes

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