About The Babes

We are but two humble(ish) babes with a great love for pie and produce.  Once upon a time, not so long ago we launched our own pop-up pie shop out of a little shipping container in the Mission. By some miracle, it worked! We've kept going since then (it's our SEVENTH holiday season in business, you guys!) and mostly, it's been a pretty good time.  

We spent the first year and change rolling out crust, prepping fruit, mixing fillings, baking a TON of pies, and slinging innumerable slices from our Little Shipping Container. Then we graduated to a Little Farmer's Market Stand in Noe Valley, and finally to a Big Stand (or at least it feels big) at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, where you can still find us every Saturday. We're now open seven days a week at our commercial kitchen, where you can reserve a pie to pick up, or (for those of you who are feeling LazyBones) get pies delivered anywhere in San Francisco. We even have secret-off-menu breakfast pastries for delivery to your office!

We couldn't do all of this it alone. We are so thankful for our families, especially our respective moms, whose work ethic and commitment to social justice continue to inspire us. We also have a whole team of amazing babes (our staff is the BEST!) who are the real heroes of the operation, along with our beloved farmers. We are also lucky to have the most wonderful customers, and a crew of truly supportive friends in the food community, who care about creating positive change just like we do! And even though we don't know them at all, the press has been pretty nice to us too - thanks, liberal news media!

This holiday season, we have some exciting news: for the first time, we're offering gluten free fruit pies (along with GF pumpkin and GF bittersweet chocolate pecan), and also vegan pies for the very first time! We are so pleased to be able to offer these new treats so that even more people can share in the good times. We hope to see you soon, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call!


Lenore and Anna